Free Workshop: Instagram Marketing for Small Business

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Do you run a small business that needs marketing?

Want to know how other businesses are using Instagram to build a brand while finding customers?

Join me June 16 at IOT SPACE for a FREE WORSHOP on the basics of Instagram Marketing for small business.

I'll go into the details of how some of the best Instagram businesses are using the platform to build a brand, and sell their products.

This workshop is intended for everyone whether you own a business or not.

I hope you can learn something new so please bring all your questions you might have.

What you can expect to learn:
- The 4 Instagram business categories
- Which industries do best on Instagram
- How to build a system to make posting easier
- Ideas on how you can use Instagram even if a local business

About your host?

My name is Edwin Merino and I've been doing Instagram Marketing for the past 3 years. I have an influencer page of over 280,000 followers and I've built many smaller accounts to sell products (drop shipping, affiliate marketing)

I currently have a small team who help me with my own Instagram page. This has given me a lot more time focus on the most important parts of my business.

Hopefully you can learn a few things from my own experience :)

See you June 16!

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